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ROBIN ALEXANDER, PATRICIA BROADFOOT, DAVID PHILLIPS Learning from Comparing: new directions in comparative education research - Volume 1: contexts, classrooms and outcomes

ROBIN ALEXANDER, MARILYN OSBORN, DAVID PHILLIPS Learning from Comparing: new directions in comparative education research - Volume 2: policy, professionals and development

ALEX ALEXANDROU, KIT FIELD, HELEN MITCHELL The Continuing Professional Development of Educators: emerging European issues

TERRY ALLSOP, COLIN BROCK Key Issues in Educational Development

NINA ARNHOLD, JULIA BEKKER, NATASHA KERSH, ELIZABETH A. McLEISH, DAVID PHILLIPS Education for Reconstruction: the regeneration of educational capacity following national upheaval

MADELEINE ARNOT, LEN BARTON Voicing Concerns: sociological perspectives on contemporary education reforms

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PAUL BERESFORD-HILL Education and Privatisation in Eastern Europe and the Baltic Republics

COLIN BROCK, LILA ZIA LEVERS Aspects of Education in the Middle East and North Africa

COLIN BROCK, LORRAINE PE SYMACO Education in South-East Asia

COLIN BROCK Global Perspectives on Teacher Education

COLIN BROCK, SIMON SCHWARTZMAN The Challenges of Education in Brazil

BIRGIT BROCK-UTNE, INGSE SKATTUM Languages and Education in Africa: a comparative and transdisciplinary analysis

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MICHAEL CROSSLEY, ANDREW HERRIOT, JUDITH WAUDO, MIRIAM MWIROTSI, KEITH HOLMES, MAGDALLEN JUMA Research and Evaluation for Educational Development: learning from the PRISM experience in Kenya

MICHAEL CROSSLEY, LORE ARTHUR, ELIZABETH McNESS Revisiting Insider–Outsider Research in Comparative and International Education

WILLIAM K. CUMMINGS The InstitutionS of Education: a comparative study of educational development in the six core nations

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ROGER DALE, SUSAN ROBERTSON Globalisation and Europeanisation in Education

CHRISTOPHER DAY, JOHN ELLIOTT, BRIDGET SOMEKH, RICHARD WINTER Theory and Practice in Action Research: some international perspectives

C.M.A. DEER Higher Education in England and France Since the 1980s

ALEXANDRA DEHMEL The Role of Vocational Education and Training in Promoting Lifelong Learning in Germany and England

GARI DONN, YAHYA AL MANTHRI Globalisation and Higher Education in the Arab Gulf States

GARI DONN, YAHYA AL MANTHRI Education in the Broader Middle East: borrowing a baroque arsenal

CAROLINE DYER Operation Blackboard: policy implementation in Indian elementary education

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HUBERT ERTL Cross-national Attraction in Education: accounts from England and Germany

HUBERT ERTL Modularisation of Vocational Education in Europe: NVQs and GNVQs as a model for the reform of initial training provisions for Germany?

HUBERT ERTL, CLAIRE DUPUY Students, Markets and Social Justice: higher education fee and student support policies in Western Europe and beyond

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IFFAT FARAH, BARBARA JAWORSKI Partnerships in Educational Development

DAVID FINEGOLD, LAUREL McFARLAND, WILLIAM RICHARDSON Something Borrowed, Something Blue?: A Study of the Thatcher Government's Appropriation of American Education and Training Policy


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CHRIS GAINE, GABY WEINER Kids in Cyberspace: teaching anti-racism using the Internet in Britain, Spain and Sweden

ROGER GOODMAN, DAVID PHILLIPS Can the Japanese Change Their Education System?

ROGER GOODMAN, TAKEHIKO KARIYA, JOHN TAYLOR Higher Education and the State: changing relationships in Europe and East Asia

ROSARII GRIFFIN Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: closer perspectives

ROSARII GRIFFIN Education in Transition: international perspectives on the politics and processes of change

ROSARII GRIFFIN Education in the Muslim World: different perspectives

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CLIVE HARBER State of Transition: post-apartheid educational reform in South Africa

CLIVE HARBER, VUSI MNCUBE Education, Democracy and Development: does education contribute to democratisation in developing countries?

CLIVE HARBER Education and International Development: theory, practice and issues

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BARBARA JAWORKSI, DAVID PHILLIPS Comparing Standards Internationally: research and practice in mathematics and beyond

DAVID JOHNSON Politics, Modernisation and Educational Reform in Russia: from past to present

DAVID JOHNSON The Changing Landscape of Education in Africa: quality, equality and democracy

HARRY JUDGE Faith-based Schools and the State: Catholics in America, France and England

HARRY JUDGE, MICHEL LEMOSSE, LYNN PAINE, MICHAEL SEDLAK The University and the Teachers: France, the United States, England

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AMANDA KIBLER Implementation of Educational Policies for Minority Language Pupils in England and the United States

KENNETH KING, SIMON McGRATH Globalisation, Enterprise and Knowledge: education, training and development in Africa

PATRICIA K. KUBOW, ALLISON H. BLOSSER Teaching Comparative Education: trends and issues informing practice

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MARTIN LAWN Modelling the Future: exhibitions and the materiality of education

MARTIN LAWN, IAN GROSVENOR Materialities of Schooling: design, technology, objects, routines

MARTIN LAWN, SOTIRIA GREK Europeanizing Education: governing a new policy space

MARTIN LAWN An Atlantic Crossing? The Work of the International Examination Inquiry, its Researchers, Methods and Influence

MARTIN LAWN The Rise of Data in Education Systems: collection, visualization and use

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IAN MACPHERSON, SUSAN ROBERTSON, GEOFFREY WALFORD Education, Privatisation and Social Justice: case studies from Africa, South Asia and South East Asia

ELIZABETH A. McLEISH, DAVID PHILLIPS Processes of Transition in Education Systems

TEAME MEBRAHTU, MICHAEL CROSSLEY, DAVID JOHNSON Globalisation, Educational Transformation and Societies in Transition

HEINZ-DIETER MEYER, AARON BENAVOT PISA, Power, and Policy: the emergence of global educational governance

PAUL MILLER School Leadership in the Caribbean: perceptions, practices, paradigms

REGINA H. MULDER, PETER F.E. SLOANE New Approaches to Vocational Education in Europe: the construction of complex learning-teaching arrangements

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JASON NICHOLLS School History Textbooks across Cultures: international debates and perspectives

ANDREAS NORDIN, DANIEL SUNDBERG Transnational Policy Flows in European Education: the making and governing of knowledge in the education policy field

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MARCELO PARREIRA DO AMARAL, ROGER DALE, PATRICIA LONCLE Shaping the Futures of Young Europeans: education governance in eight European countries

JULIA PAULSON Education, Conflict and Development

DAVID PHILLIPS The Education Systems of the United Kingdom

DAVID PHILLIPS Aspects of Education and the European Union

DAVID PHILLIPS Lessons of Cross-national Comparison in Education

DAVID PHILLIPS Education in Germany since Unification

DAVID PHILLIPS, MICHAEL KASER Education and Economic Change in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

DAVID PHILLIPS, KIMBERLY OCHS Educational Policy Borrowing: historical perspectives

PAM POPPLETON, JOHN WILLIAMSON New Realities of Secondary Teachers' Work Lives

JAMES PORTER Reschooling and the Global Future: politics, economics and the English experience

JOHN PRATT The 'Accreditation' Model: policy transfer in higher education in Austria and Britain

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JEREMY RAPPLEYE Exploring Cross-national Attraction in Education: some historical comparisons of American and Chinese attraction to Japanese education

SHELDON ROTHBLATT Education's Abiding Moral Dilemma: merit and worth in the cross-Atlantic democracies, 1800-2006

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JOHN SAYER Developing Schools for Democracy in Europe: an example of trans-European co-operation in education

JOHN SAYER Opening Windows to Change: a case study of sustained international development

MICHELE SCHWEISFURTH Teachers, Democratisation and Educational Reform in Russia and South Africa

MICHELE SCHWEISFURTH, LYNN DAVIES, CLIVE HARBER Learning Democracy and Citizenship: international experiences

WILLIAM C. SMITH The Global Testing Culture: shaping education policy, perceptions, and practice

PRACHI SRIVASTAVA, GEOFFREY WALFORD Private Schooling in Less Economically Developed Countries: Asian and African perspectives

PRACHI SRIVASTAVA Low-fee Private Schooling: aggravating equity or mitigating disadvantage?

DAVID STEPHENS Higher Education and International Capacity Building: twenty-five years of higher education links

DAVID STEPHENS Culture in Education and Development: principles, practice and policy

BERNHARD STREITWIESER Internationalisation of Higher Education and Global Mobility

BERNHARD STREITWIESER, ANTHONY C. OGDEN International Higher Education's Scholar-Practitioners: bridging research and practice

KEITH SULLIVAN Education and Change in the Pacific Rim: meeting the challenges

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MASAHIRO TANAKA The Cross-cultural Transfer of Educational Concepts and Practices: a comparative study

MARIA TERESA TATTO Reforming Teaching Globally

SHEILA TRAHAR Narrative Research on Learning: comparative and international perspectives

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BARRIE WADE, MAGGIE MOORE Patterns of Educational Integration: international perspectives on mainstreaming children with special educational needs

GEOFFREY WALFORD School Choice and the Quasi-market

KEITH WATSON Doing Comparative Education Research: issues and problems

STEPHANIE WILDE Citizenship Education in Germany: not doing it by the book

STEPHANIE WILDE Political and Citizenship Education: international perspectives

DAVID BLAKE WILLIS, JEREMY RAPPLEYE Reimagining Japanese Education: borders, transfers, circulations, and the comparative

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