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Implementation of Educational Policies for Minority Language Pupils in England and the United States
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Monographs in International Education

Implementation of Educational Policies for Minority Language Pupils in England and the United States


2005 paperback 132 pages, £30.00, ISBN 978-1-873927-15-1

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About the book

As non-native English speakers comprise a growing percentage of pupils in English and American schools, educational policies addressing English language learning are becoming increasingly significant. Popular and governmental beliefs regarding the education of these pupils have resulted in de facto language policies which largely reflect political, rather than linguistic, realities. In such a situation, it is vital to analyse the development of these policies and their implementation at the school level.

This book consists of case studies of two primary schools, one in England and one in the United States, which help to illuminate how teachers and schools serving highly diverse linguistic and ethnic populations function within broader language policy directives. Special attention is given to teachers’ and administrators’ perceptions of the factors that hamper or facilitate the implementation of these initiatives. The major findings are presented in a comparative context, drawing upon theory and empirical evidence to examine the manner in which internal, social and political pressures affect policy implementation.


Language Planning and Policy in Education
Language-in-Education Policies in England and the United States
England Case Study: Forest Hill Primary
United States Case Study: Shady Ridge Elementary
Comparative Analysis and Conclusions


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