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Higher Education and the State
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Oxford Studies in Comparative Education

Higher Education and the State

changing relationships in Europe and East Asia


2013 paperback 270 pages, £34.00, ISBN 978-1-873927-76-2

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About the book

The relationship between the state and higher education institutions has always been a complex one. The ‘state’ itself in this context is a heterogeneous mix of elite people - bureaucrats, politicians, committees of co-opted academics and business leader - and it increasingly faces pressures from diverse stakeholders, including students (themselves an increasingly diverse community), staff, families, employers and businesses (local, regional and multinational).

This volume explores the rapidly evolving relationship between the state and higher education in Europe and in East Asia through a combination of empirical studies, secondary analyses and personal observations from many of the leading scholars in the field of comparative education studies. A scenario emerges where the state seeks to encourage stakeholder influence, while, at the same time, acts to moderate such influence in order to ensure that wider objectives are satisfied; markets are controlled, elements of demand and supply are manipulated and funding is targeted to meet particular policy priorities through a model that is described as ‘controlled stakeholder steering’ which offers a new explanation of the relationship between the state and higher education, certainly in the countries addressed in this book. 


John Taylor. The State and Higher Education Institutions: new pressures, new relationships and new tensions
Roger Goodman. The Changing Roles of the State and the Market in Japanese, Korean and British Higher Education: lessons for continental Europe?
Fumi Kitagawa. Universities, the State and Geography: perspectives from the United Kingdom and Japan

Ivor Crewe. State–Academy Relations in the United Kingdom, 1960-2010
David Watson. United Kingdom Higher Education and the Binary Dilemma: whatever happened to public sector higher education?

Christian Galan. What Japan Tells us about the State and the Future of Higher Education in France
Hubert Ertl. German Higher Education and the State: a critical appraisal in the light of post-Bologna reforms
Paola Mattei. Reforming Italian Universities: dynamic conservatism and policy change, 1989-2010

Motohisa Kaneko. Japanese Higher Education and the State in Transition
Aya Yoshida. The State and Private Higher Education in Japan: the end of egalitarian policy?
Takehiko Kariya. The State’s Role and Quasi-Market in Higher Education: Japan’s trilemma
Terri Kim. The (Un)changing Relationship between the State and Higher Education in South Korea: some surprising continuities

Ronald Dore. Afterword


Sir Ivor Crewe is Master of University College, Oxford and a political scientist. He was Vice Chancellor of the University of Essex from 1995 to 2007 and President of Universities UK from 2003 05. He is a member of the governing bodies of the School of Oriental and African Studies, the University of Arts London and the European University Institute in Florence.

Ronald Dore has taught or done research at SOAS, LSE, Sussex, British Columbia, the Institute of Development Studies, the Technical Change Centre, Harvard and MIT. He is the author of Education in Tokugawa Japan (1963) and The Diploma Disease (1975). Following a lifelong habit of writing on subjects of which he has no expert knowledge, he is writing a book on nuclear non-proliferation.

Hubert Ertl is a university lecturer in Higher Education at the Department of Education, University of Oxford. He is Director of the Department’s MSc Education (Higher Education) programme and Fellow of Linacre College, Oxford. He is also Senior Research Fellow of the ESRC-funded Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Occupational Performance (SKOPE).

Christian Galan is a professor at the University of Toulouse-le-Mirail and researcher at the Centre of Japanese Studies (Inalco, Paris). Specialising in the history of Japanese education and pedagogy, he is the author of L’Enseignement de la lecture au Japon – Politique et éducation (Presses universitaires du Mirail, 2001); and co-editor of, with J. Fijalkow, Langue, lecture et école au Japon (Picquier, 2006) and, with P. Heinrich, Language Life in Japan (Routledge, 2010).

Roger Goodman is Nissan Professor of Modern Japanese Studies and Head of the Social Sciences Division at the University of Oxford. His publications include (with David Phillips, Eds) Can the Japanese Reform Their Education System? (Oxford Studies in Comparative Education, 2003); (with Jerry Eades & Yumiko Hada, Eds), The ‘Big Bang’ in Japanese Higher Education: the 2004 reforms and the dynamics of change (Transpacific Press, 2005); and (withYuki Imoto & Tuukka Toivonen, Eds) A Sociology of Japanese Youth: from returnees to NEETs (Nissan Institute/Routledge Series, 2011).

Motohisa Kaneko is a professor at the Center for University Studies at the University of Tsukuba. His previous positions include Dean of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Tokyo and Director of Research at the Center for Higher Education Finance and Management. He is also a member of the Central Education Council in Japan.

Takehiko Kariya is a professor in the Sociology of Japanese Society, Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies and the Department of Sociology, University of Oxford. His research interests include the sociology of education, social stratification, school-to-work transition, educational and social policies, and social change in postwar Japan. Before he joined Oxford, he had taught at the Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo for 18 years. He is co-editor of Challenges to Japanese Education: economics, reforms, and human rights (Teachers College Press, 2010).

Terri Kim is a lecturer in Comparative Higher Education at Brunel University London. Previously, she was a Visiting Scholar in International Relations at the London School of Economics and also at the IEC Collège de France in Paris. She worked as a Brain Korea 21 contract professor at Seoul National University, and was also an OECD-CERI consultant. She has published a book and over 30 articles internationally and her current research focuses on transnational academic mobility/migration and new knowledge creation in universities.

Fumi Kitagawa is a specialist in innovation and urban and regional studies as related to higher education. She is a lecturer in Enterprise Studies at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. Prior to this, she held appointments at Lund University in Sweden, the European University Institute in Italy, Hitotsubashi University and the National Institute for Educational Policy Research of Japan in Tokyo. She was a member of the OECD project studying the regional contribution of higher education in South Korea and Canada.

Paola Mattei is a university lecturer in Comparative Social Policy at the University of Oxford and Fellow of St Antony’s College. She is the author of Restructuring Welfare Organizations in Europe: from democracy to good management? (Palgrave, 2009). She has published widely on welfare administration and comparative welfare reforms in the British Journal of Educational Studies, International Review of Administrative Sciences, Public Administration, West European Politics, Oxford Review of Education, and other international journals. She is currently working on a research project on educational reforms in Europe, educational attainments, and decentralised social policy.

John Taylor is Professor of Higher Education Management in the Management School, University of Liverpool. His main interests lie in policy analysis; strategy and planning; resource allocation; research management; innovation and enterprise; governance and organisational structures; internationalisation and globalisation; quality management in higher education; access and widening participation; human resource management; postgraduate studies; marketing of higher education; and the history of higher education. In all these areas, he is especially interested in the comparative study of higher education.

Sir David Watson is Professor of Higher Education and Principal of Green Templeton College, Oxford. His interests are in the history of American ideas and higher education policy. His most recent books are Learning Through Life (NIACE, 2009), The Question of Morale (Open University Press, 2009), and The Engaged University (Routledge, 2011). His current project is an historical and philosophical analysis of higher education’s ‘transformation’ claims, to be published as The Question of Conscience: higher education and personal responsibility.

Aya Yoshida is a Professor of Sociology of Education at the Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences, Waseda University, Japan. Her recent publications include Kōkō wo Hajimeta Senmonshoku Daigakuin [Emerging professional schools in Japan] (2010) and Daigaku Kyōiku wo Kagaku Suru [Social scientific approaches to education in Japanese universities] (2009).

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